About Us

alphabase is a research project conducted by the management of a Hong Kong asset management firm. This is an experimental initiative to study the commercialisation potential of a new business model that we think could well revolutionise fund management.

New Business Model

By joining our competition, you are effectively researching with us that may lead to identification of attractive investment opportunities for our portfolio management purpose. You do not need to know finance. Just apply your machine learning expertise online at your leisure time and you would join the new force to serve the need of investors globally.

This could be described as shared economy model, which have brought revolutionary impact to industries such as transport (e.g. Didi Chuxing) and hotel (e.g. Airbnb). If we are able to demonstrate competitive investment performance over time, we would bring new, great choices to investors and drive the investment industry to improve their service to the society.

The Timing is Now

Take hedge fund as an example. Many socially important institutional investors such as pensions, foundations and sovereign wealth funds are investing in hedge funds. However, it is reported that hedge funds have been able to charge a very high price for their service. According to the Financial Times (June 2016), “Over the past ten years, investors paid away half of pre-fee returns. Even more troubling is the fact that fees consumed 80 per cent of alpha, the active return on an investment.”

Imagine our business model could offer a similar service at lower price. The savings would be passed back to these socially important institutional investors, which would improve millions of financial lives behind.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions or feedback, please send us email to info@alphabase.ai.

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